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As Arbitrator, Adjudicator and Expert Determiner:


Disputes concerning –



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 Liquified natural gas sea importation terminal.

 Wastewater treatment electrical sub-contract.

 Biogas power recovery plant.

 Combined heat & power project (gas engines)

 Wastewater treatment process sub-contract.

 Refrigeration plant warehousing contracts on five sites.

 Scottish wind-farm. (Two different disputes).

 Professional services for a hospital complex.

 Passenger lifts within buildings.

 Pipework at power generation plant.

 Water treatment electrical sub-contract.

 Professional services at a new college project.

 Insulation contract at a large cement works.

 Demolition works at a power station.

 Packaged systems for North Sea oil rigs.

  Refrigeration plant for food warehouse.

 Wastewater treatment installation sub-contract.

 Disruption claim in Scottish distillery.

 Steam locomotive condition after hire contract.

 Mechanical services final account.

 Crematoria plant contract.

 M&E fitting out in prestige apartment block.

 Combustion research test facility.